Mickey Mouse and Princess Minnie in The Brave LIttle Tailor

Rob Jaiven

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Rob Jaiven


Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse have been enchanting audiences with their timeless love story and delightful antics for nearly a century. One of their most famous and beloved adventures is “The Brave Little Tailor,” a classic Walt Disney short film released in 1938. This delightful tale features Mickey’s accidental declaration that he has “killed seven with one blow,” leading to an unexpected adventure where he must prove his bravery and eventually win Princess Minnie’s hand in marriage.

A Humble Tailor’s Accidental Boast

Mickey Mouse as the Brave Little Tailor kills seven flies at once while at his work. He unknowingly interrupts a conversation among several other peasants about the problems with the giant to brag loudly about his accomplishment. The seven (flies, not giants as the king believes) impresses the king enough to appoint him “Royal High Killer of the Giant”. The king thinks he is holding out for a bigger payday and offers him increasingly vast riches and then (at her suggestion) the hand of his only daughter, Princess Minnie in marriage if he can kill, or at least subdue, the giant.,

Trials and Triumph

“Gosh,” Mickey sighs to himself later, sitting in a field of deserted countryside wondering what to do. “I dunno how to catch a giant.” Despite his size, Mickey cleverly manages to defeat the giant through a series of comical and resourceful maneuvers, showcasing his ingenuity and bravery.

Winning Princess Minnie’s Heart

In the end, Mickey returns to the kingdom, where the king is delighted to have the giant defeated. However, to everyone’s surprise, Minnie reveals that she has fallen for the brave tailor, not the giant-slayer. The story concludes with Mickey and Minnie’s love blossoming, and the promise of marriage made at the beginning of the tale becomes a reality.


“The Brave Little Tailor” is a charming tale that exemplifies the essence of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. It emphasizes the importance of wit, resourcefulness, and humility over physical prowess. While Mickey’s initial boast of “killing seven with one blow” leads to a series of comic misadventures, his ultimate triumph is achieved through his courage and cleverness, with the support of his beloved Minnie. This heartwarming tale highlights their enduring love story and showcases how love and ingenuity can conquer any challenge. Mickey and Minnie continue to be beloved icons, inspiring audiences with their adventures and timeless romance.


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